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With the participants of the workshop Palm reads (Dlan bere), this time we talked about Valentin Vodnik, who during his lifetime ploughed into several professional fields, as he is considered the first poet, he was the first editor of the Slovenian newspaper Lublanske novice (1797 -1800), he wrote the first school grammar (1811), he was involved in archaeology, numismatics, was a teacher and headmaster, the priest, Chaplain, translator, intellectual, whose main goal was the education of the Slovenian population.

We reviewed and touched two of his books, reprinted: the first poetry collection Poems for Sampling (1806, Pesmi za pokušino) and the collected Vodnik’s Puzzles (1952, Vodnikove uganke).

An interesting discussion has developed about his monument, which was placed in the year 1889 as the first monument to an important Slovenian. Finally, we tried to guess the Vodnik’s puzzles and checked our knowledge with the test, that is also linked below:

Preverjanje znanja Valentin Vodnik