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For people with deafblindness, the travelogue lecture is extremely important for several reasons. It enables them to gain information about different destinations, cultures, natural attractions, and experiences that they would otherwise not be able to experience due to their limitations in movement and perception of their surroundings. Despite the fact that they do not have full access to visual information, the lecturer can take them into the world of travel experiences with the help of comprehensive and picturesque descriptions. This ability to “see through words” allows them to experience places and experiences in a unique way. Listening to descriptions stimulates their imagination, which can lead to an enrichment of their internal visualization and understanding of the world around them. It also provides opportunities for people with deafblindness to interact socially and connect with other participants who share the same interests and passions for exploring the world.

With travelogue lectures, they spread their knowledge about different cultures, traditions, history and geographical features, which contributes to their intellectual development. Along with the appropriate adaptation of information and the use of interpreters for the deafblind, travel lectures can become a very influential and enlightening part of their lives. They give them an insight into the world that would otherwise be inaccessible, and encourage their personal growth and understanding of the wider world.