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Between 11 and 12 of October 2023, representatives of the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN, dr. Simona Gerenčer and Marjana Kenda, an expert worker, visited Zagreb as part of the Erasmus+ project »Cross-cultural Project on Deafblindness«. Together with representatives of the Danish organisation The Specialist Consultancy for the Deafblind, they visited the Croatian Association of Deafblind Persons DODIR, where the last theme day entitled Bridging the Gap was held. The theme of the event aimed to bridge the gap between deafblindness and equal participation, focusing on all the ways in which people with deafblindness can contribute to society.

Dr. Sanja Tarczay presented the 2nd Global Report of the World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB). Dr. Simona Gerenčer and Helle Buelund gave a lecture on empowering people with deafblindness and the deafblind community, and Rasmus Hougaard Pedersen, Lasse Winther Wehner and Marjana Kenda presented the results of the project and the importance of international cooperation on Erasmus+ projects.

After the theme day, the Regional Director for Europe and Eurasia at Perkins International, Mrs. Darija Udovičić Mahmuljin, invited them to visit Mali dom, a public institution providing services to children and young people with multiple disabilities.

We would like to thank once again dr. Sanja Tarczay and her team for their cooperation in organising the theme day and for the warm welcome. Thank you also to Mrs. Darija Udovičić Mahmuljin for inviting us to visit Mali dom.