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On Thursday, June 8, 2023, we went on an excursion to Cankar Centre, a Slovenian cultural and congress centre in Ljubljana, named after the famous writer Ivan Cankar. The guide Kaja took us through the history, events, and interesting anecdotes related to the home throughout the visit. We had the opportunity to see the death mask of Ivan Cankar and the Linhar, Kosovel and Štih hall. Unfortunately, this time we were unable to visit the Gallus hall due to the musicians’ rehearsals. Kaja confided in us also with many spicy and funny stories from behind the scenes of Cankar Centre, which brightened our day.


The construction of Cankar Centre started in 1977, but it was completed after short three years, leading to an architectural error seen in Linhart Hall. We also learned that the home was built in the gardens of the nun Uršulinke and comprises 12 halls. Cankar Centre generates about 8 million euros in revenue every year and is visited by up to 450,000 visitors at more than 8,000 events that take place in the fields of music, cinema and different fairs.


We would like to thank the Institution Cankar Centre for the free guided tour and Kaja for the comprehensive and interesting insight into the operation and stories of this exceptional Slovenian cultural temple.