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Today, we attended the 62nd House Fair at the Gospodarsko razstavišče Exhibition Centre, where we had the opportunity to try out special bicycles presented by e-kolesar.si. The specially adapted bicycles allow accessibility and active participation for people with various disabilities. What was particularly interesting for people with deafblindness was that, although they could participate equally and drive the bikes, they could enjoy the special ride, and at the same time they could also have a tactile conversation with the passenger. The personal experience of riding the bikes was invaluable for the members.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to e-kolesar for this opportunity, as such experiences mean a great deal to people with deafblindness, as well as providing satisfaction, joy and confidence. At the Deafblind Association of Slovenia, we strive to promote as many different sports and exercise activities as possible, with cycling being one of the members’ favourite activities.

We would also like to thank the Economic Exhibition Centre – GR for their kindness and valuable cooperation.


Ljubljana, 7. 3. 2024