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On Thursday, August 18, the members and employees of The Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN visited the exhibition of the deaf sculptor Ivan Štrekelj (1916 – 1975). The exhibition is on display from May 26 to October 2, 2022, in the National Gallery in Ljubljana.

After prior agreement, we were welcomed by the very friendly staff of the National Gallery. Museum consultant, head of the Custodians and co-author of the exhibition, mag. Mateja Breščak, who prepared the exhibition together with M.Sc. Petra Rezar, the legal representative of the  Association DLAN, welcomed us very kindly and warmly and took us through the exhibition of the deaf sculptor Ivan Štrekelj.

She presented us with his life and work, as well as the wonderful works of art that were created during his creative period of life. The members of the Association DLAN and others present listened to her with pleasure and interest and saw a very impressive exhibition of art products. We were deeply touched by the life and work of this great artist.

People with deafblindness were also able to touch some of his products, which is extremely important for the population of people with deafblindness, because deafblind people with complete deafblindness or with only a small remnant of one of the two senses can only receive information from the environment based on touch. Therefore, we especially thank the National Gallery for the generosity and openness with which the accessibility of the exhibition and this beautiful experience is also possible for the deafblind. After viewing the exhibition, all present also had the opportunity to ask questions about things that particularly interested us.

We would like to thank M.Sc. Mateja Breščak for her kindness and warm welcome and all the interesting information about the exhibition and the sculptor Ivan Štrekelj, which we listened to with interest. We would like to thank the National Gallery for the opportunity to view the exhibition free of charge, and we wish you successful work in the future as well.

Thank you for this nice experience. We will be happy to visit you again on the next occasion.