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During the week of 26-28 June, the users of the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN, together with staff and volunteers, went to the traditional social rehabilitation camp, which this time took place by the river Kolpa. The camp took place in the framework of the Helen Keller Week. Helen Keller, as a writer, lecturer and campaigner for the rights of the weakest, has become an inspiration to people all over the world, proving that no obstacle should stop us from achieving our goals.

On the way from Ljubljana to Radenci, we stopped at Lake Rudnik in Kočevje, where we took a walk and listened to a presentation about Primož Trubar, Josip Stritar and Fran Levstik. We continued our journey to CŠOD Radenci, where in the evening we took part in an all-round quiz, which brought symbolic prizes to the winners. On Tuesday, people with deafblindness baked the famous Belokranjska cake together with the staff. In the afternoon, we went for a barefoot walk together as part of the Healthy with Nature programme. The evening ended in a pleasant socialising and dancing rhythm.

On Wednesday, we visited the Vinice in Bela Krajina, where we visited the Oton Župančič Memorial House. We were introduced to his works and gained new information about his life, path and personality. We continued our journey to the Zupančič Farm, where Mr Rihard Zupančič gave us a presentation and an exhibition about the black Proteus anguinus.