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How beautiful and human is to observe the growth of a language based on touch! Most of us speakers and hearing people turn to the touch when we run out of the right words which we usually have more than enough. For people with deafblindness, touches are verbal bridges for transferring messages and forming thoughts.

– prof. dr. Marko Stabej, linguist

In The Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN we are rejoicing the publication of the second part of the book A Haptic Way of Communication with People with Deafblindness, which was prepared by dr. Simona Gerenčer Pegan in collaboration with people with deafblindness.

Like the first part of the book, the second part also brings 113 haptic signs, which are intended for complimentary communication for people with deafblindness and are completely adapted to the Slovenian environment. A welcome novelty and enrichment are QR codes, which enable viewing of the video of the implementation of haptic signs, and the translation into English.

The book is available in The Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN.