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The EU disability card enables its holder financial benefits and easier access to goods and services.

It is free and a person with disability can get it at every administrative unit. With this card people with disability can assert special commercial discounts in countries that are part of European Union, dictated by each country, especially in the fields of traffic, tourism, culture, sport and free time.

It is intended for all groups of people with disabilities: the blind and visually-impaired people, the deaf and hearing-impaired, people with deafblindness, movement-impaired people, people with difficulties in mental health development and difficulties in mental health, and individuals with other types of disabilities, terminally ill people. As the European benefits card can be used by Slovenian users in other EU members, so can benefits be used by foreigners from those countries in Slovenia, when they are visiting for shorter or longer period of time

We encourage you to check the basis of providers of benefits on this link www.invalidska-kartica.si, where you can find information on type of benefit and its location. The basis is adapting regularly with new providers. The users can also use the basis of benefits through an app, that can be found under the name of “disability card”.