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At the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN we hosted a group of young students with deafness from Norway accompanied by their teachers, from organization Ål folkehøyskole og kurssenter for døve. They are a group of participants in a year-long training course, where young people are deciding about their future, whether to go to university or to get a job.

They are learning new skills, among those are for example learning to write, Norwegian sign language, etc. They visited us at the initiative and invitation of the legal representative of the DLAN Association, mag. Petra Rezar.

We are very pleased that we had the opportunity to introduce them to the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN and to the field of deafblindness in Slovenia. They listened to our presentation with interest and asked us some individual questions to show their interest in the regulation of the field of deafblindness, the specific needs and challenges faced by people with deafblindness in Slovenia and the work of the DLAN Association.

Mag. Petra Rezar presented the DHI International Conference on the History of the Deaf, which took place last year in Ljubljana, the Lingua Signans Institute and the Erasmus+ project with visits to Croatia, Portugal and Iceland, which will take place in May for the teachers and interpreters of people with deafness.

At our meeting, we used several languages to ensure that we understood each other and that no one present at the event was excluded. In addition to Slovenian language, we also provided simultaneous translation into Slovene sign language, the language of the deafblind, which we used individually to relay information to members of the DLAN Association, English sign language and international sign language.

Through such meetings we can also see how important communication is, how important language is as a fundamental right of every individual to understand and be understood.

We would like to thank our visitors for their visit and pleasant spent day and wish them every success on their journey.