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People with deafblindness, together with personal assistants, volunteers and employees of the Association of Deafblind People of Slovenia DLAN, attended social rehabilitation days for people with deafblindness in early September. This time we stayed at Dom Emavs in the beautiful village of Zgornje Gorje near Bled. The purpose of the annual camp is to connect and develop friendships between people with deafblindness, gain and exchange experiences, and develop creativity and a healthy lifestyle.

We spent the first day of the camp learning orientation in the house and its surroundings, learning about hidden corners in the village and creative workshops. The next day, after breakfast, we went to Bled, where we took a walk along the lake and took the traditional pletna to Bled Island. Here we toured the church and rang the so-called wishing bell. In the afternoon we went to the farm, where we learned about various farm chores and products. In the evening we had Bled cream cake and danced to the music. On the last day of the camp, we drove to the pilgrimage center Brezje, and then returned to the association full of good impressions.

We truly thank all of you who have supported us and helped us to be able to make this valuable experience possible for people with deafblindness.