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Slovenia is mentioned in the 1st Global Report on the situation of older people with deafblindness.

In December 2023, the World Federation of the Deafblind published the 1st Global Report on the situation of older people with deafblindness in the framework of SHAPES H2020. This report highlights the challenges faced by older people with deafblindness and covers recurring themes, including barriers, examples of good practice and recommendations.

In the section “Legal recognition of deafblindness as a disability in its own right”, the report mentions, among other things, Slovenia, which in 2021 became the first country in the world to enshrine the language of deafblind people in its constitution. Article 62a of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia is quoted, which reads:

“(sign language and language of the deafblind).”
The free use and development of Slovenian sign language is guaranteed. In areas of municipalities where Italian or Hungarian are also official languages, the free use of Italian and Hungarian sign language is guaranteed. The use of these languages and the status of their users shall be regulated by law.
The free use and development of the language of the deafblind shall be regulated by law.”

The full report can be accessed at: https://wfdb.eu/…/WFDB-Report-on-Older-people-with…