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Vlasta Nussdorfer:  A great tribute to whom
26. 10. 2023

… “Shortly afterwards, on 19 October, I am sitting in the hall of DLAN, the Slovenian Deafblind Association for People with Deafblindness, which is marking the European Day of this extremely difficult disability on October 22nd. This year, the Slovenian Association celebrates its 18th anniversary. The members of the Association are deaf and blind at the same time. Can you imagine darkness and silence together? Despite the inclusion of their language in the Slovenian Constitution two years ago, they are still not guaranteed all the rights to which they are entitled. Do we need to fight the desicion makers for them? They cannot live on promises and fine words. I admire their great fighter, Dr Simona Gerenčer. What would we do without her, the soul and engine of the great struggle for their rights?

I think and understand that it’s all in the mind. These individuals should be the ones giving lectures on burnout and depression. since they have something to say regarding the actual issues that arise in daily life. Even just working in nature would save a great deal of lives and drive away a great deal of sadness. Therefore, my dear overworked people, take a moment to disconnect from your overloaded daily life, learn about the “different,” and, at the very least, imagine yourself in their position. Perhaps your difficulties aren’t so serious and your level of fatigue isn’t that high? Perhaps. But asking for assistance is never a sign of weakness. Never. Above all, take your time, as everyone has a different tolerance for pain and tiredness.”