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“When I first walked through the streets of Maribor, the town I live in, after a week of a lockdown, I could hardly believe that my lungs breathed freshness between the apartment buildings. On the streets I saw cats sitting on benches and roads, instead of walkers and mass cars. The dogs on the walks wagged their tails so happily, that they created a draft that immediately drove away the bad thoughts. The birds generously sang the most beautiful melodies they can … Maybe not everyone saw the same thing, but the time we found ourselves in the spring of 2020, presented me a new picture of how our world can be even more beautiful.”

Nika Jurc

At the beginning of the year Deafblind International Youth Network (DbIYN) invited young people with deafblindnes from all over the world, in order to write about their experiences with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last week, in the DLAN Association we were happy to hear, that two writings of our members, Nika Jurc and Tanja Glušič, had been published in this unique publication of DbIYN.

A unique publication featuring a range of stories of young people with deafblindness from around the world is available in English. You can access the publication by clicking on the link below.

DbI Youth Network-2021-New Publication