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On Tuesday, May 30, 2023, we conducted a presentation as part of the DLAN BERE project, which is generously funded by the Ministry of Culture, to enhance and promote the Slovenian language. The focus of the presentation was the life and accomplishments of Ivan Cankar, an esteemed Slovenian writer, playwright, poet, critic, essayist, and politician. Cankar played a pivotal role in shaping Slovenian modern literature, which commenced in 1899 with the publication of two poetry collections: Cankar’s “Erotika” and Župančič’s ” The Goblet of Inebriation.”


The emerging literary movement of that era explored various social themes, including emigration, the status of women, the role of artists and art, as well as Slovenian national challenges, wars, revolutions, and mortality. The Slovenian modern era witnessed the development of drama, encompassing a wide range of genres such as tragedy, comedy, serious drama, and farce. As an illustrative example of the farce genre, we highlighted Cankar’s notable dramatic work titled ” Scandal in St. Florian Valley”.


Furthermore, we delved into an elaborate examination of the meaning of the term “farce” and its synonymous counterparts. By exploring the nuances and intricacies of synonyms, we aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of related terminology.


Cankar was known for his nomadic lifestyle, frequently changing locations throughout his life. In his final years, he resided in Rožnik. A monument stands in his honor to commemorate his legacy, alongside a memorial room at the local inn. In the coming month of June, as part of the DLAN BERE project, we have planned a visit to Rožnik, including a tour of the memorial room located at Cankarjev vrh 1. Further details about this excursion will be outlined in the monthly program published by the Association of the Deaf and Blind of Slovenia, DLAN.


We cordially invite you to test your knowledge of Ivan Cankar’s life and literary contributions through a brief quiz accessible via the link provided.


Preverjanje znanja Ivan Cankar