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Mag. Petra Rezar of the Slovenian Association of Teachers of the Deaf, partner in the European project, presented the Silent project to the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN recently. Deaf children are born to hearing parents in over 90% of situations. The initiative is intended for parents of deaf children who are seeking knowledge as they deal with their child’s first experience being deaf. The project produces helpful content in the languages of its partners.
Teachers of sign language, deaf educators, and freelance deaf actor Damjan Šebjan facilitate Slovenian sign language as part of this project. While the majority of parents choose cochlear implants, deaf individuals serving as sign language interpreters are invaluable. Damjan Šebjan is the one who introduced the first gestures for parents and children who are deaf in Slovenia. 
More about the project at: https://www.silent-project.online/sl
Ljubljana, 23.1.2024