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To honor the memory of Helen Keller, the writer and activist who was deafblind, the Deafblind Association of Slovenia (DLAN) is excited to present the traditional exhibition of our art products at the 65+ information point.

Named “Life through Touch,” this exhibition showcases beautiful artwork created by people with deafblindness to raise awareness about deafblindness.

The opening ceremony began with a warm speech by Deputy Mayor Dejan Crnek from the Municipality of Ljubljana. Helena Petrovčič, the President of the Deafblind Association of Slovenia, and Dr. Simona Gerenčer, the association’s secretary, also addressed the audience. Following that, members of the deafblind community, including Vinko Trinkaus, Marjana Kastrevec, Anton Polutnik, and Nika Jurc, performed and together we sang the song “I know today will be a happy day.”

The artists with deafblindness use various techniques like sculpture, origami, and crafts to express their unique perspective of the world. Each artwork reflects their personal experiences and perceptions. This exhibition provides a diverse collection of works by different individuals with deafblindness.

Let this exhibition give us an insight into the world of deafblindness and encourage us to reflect on how often our own limitations come from within.

We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who participated and especially to the Municipality of Ljubljana for their support, venue, and catering.