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On Tuesday, 5th of July, we hosted president of Society of People with Laryngectomy Slovenia, Mr Ivan Košak, at the Deafblind Association Slovenia DLAN.

At the meeting with members of DLAN Association, Mr Košak presented Society of People with Laryngectomy and laryngectomy, and said a few words about his personal experience with throat cancer. Laryngectomy is operational removal of throat, the main cause for that is throat cancer. Like people with deafblindness, people with laryngectomy have adjusted way of communication and face many challenges in the field of communication with society in every-day life.

Members of DLAN Association listened to Mr Košak with great interest and asked him questions about throat cancer that particularly interested them. After Mr Košak’s presentation, a presentation of Members of DLAN Association, where they showed a little part of talents people with deafblindness have. Presentations were followed by conversation and socialising.

We sincerely thank Mr Košak for his kindness and time he gave us. We thank him for this valuable experience, for giving us closer view of throat cancer problematic, which is unfortunately one of the most common cancers. On behalf of members, employees and volunteers of DLAN Association we thank you and wish all the best to people who live with this illness.