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Sustainable development is pursued through a variety of practices and policies, including environmental regulation, sustainable innovation, reducing carbon footprints, promoting recycling, and public education and awareness. It is important that businesses, society and the environment work in harmony and help each other, rather than one suffering at the expense of the other.
Ana Jeran gave a lecture on one of the key themes of modern society, sustainable development. In the initial theoretical part, she systematically broke down the concept of societal development, which focuses on reducing the risks associated with the depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution. The lecture was followed by a video. It highlighted concrete examples of challenges and solutions in the field of sustainable development, allowing participants to gain a more concrete understanding of the topic. The final part of the lecture was devoted to an in-depth debate in which participants discussed the role of the individual in decisions affecting the environment. By focusing on the ways in which each individual can contribute to reducing environmental pollution, a better understanding of practical measures for sustainable action in modern society was achieved.