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On Thursday, 23rd of February 2023, we listened to an interesting lecture on the importance of self-acceptance at the DLAN Association. The DLAN Association members Nika Jurc and Anton Polutnik presented their point of view.

Nika told us her life story of growing up with deafblindness and Usher syndrome. She emphasised the importance of support from the environment, especially from the family, finding her place in the world and accepting herself. Today, she has only central vision and uses hearing aids to try to pick up certain sounds. She has many hobbies, her favourite being walking her dog. She also writes stories and motivational articles.

Anton Polutnik also presented his life story. Among other things, he described in detail moments of uncertainty and pain in his own life, but emphasised the importance of accepting himself as he is and of moving forward with determination and courage. He also highlighted the important role of the DLAN Association in his life.

We would sincerely like to thank everyone for having the courage to share their valuable stories and experiences and for the relaxed conversation that followed.