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The Hungarian National Deafblind Association published in their newspaper a conversation with the secretary of The Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN dr. Simona Gerenčer Pegan, held in Hungarian language.

Dr. Gerenčer Pegan presented the book The Stories of People who Listen with their Hearth and See with their Palms: Living with Deafblindness, which was released in October 2019. She told, how the book was created all since the idea years ago. She emphasized that it was a long process. People with deafblindness told their stories, thoughts and living conditions in different ways of communication, and the writers wrote them down in a way they could be understood and felt by any reader, whether deafblind, family member or expert. The book was published in audio record and in Braille, and it was translated into Serbian, English and Russian language. Also a translation into German language and into Slovenian sign language will be available soon.

The aim and purpose of many publications is to set a good example of what can we do hand in hand and to encourage other European countries to start writing the stories of people with deafblindness in their environment.

At the end of the conversation dr. Gerenčer Pegan presented other projects taking place in The Association DLAN. A sequel to the book The Stories of People who Listen with their Hearth and See with their Palms: Living with Deafblindness is being prepared. The second part of the book A Haptic Way of Communication with People with Deafblindness in Slovene and English has also been published. It is enriched with QR codes, which enable viewing of the video of the implementation of haptic signs.

Based on the interview and the presentation of the projects in The Association DLAN, the Hungarian National Deafblind Association will also follow the idea and prepare the first stories together with people with deafbdlindness. Individual stories from the presented book will be translated into Hungarian.

The full interview in Hungarian is available on the link (pg. 6-7).

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