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Dear members and appreciated participants,

the period we are currently in is different from what we were used to so far. With certainty, this period is an opportunity for us to look at ourselves, to set goals again (small and big steps), to do everything for which there has not been enough time so far…

We would like to share with you some of the glimpses, thoughts, anecdotes that some of our members have provided to us from their home environment in these particular circumstances. This is to encourage members of the association and to raise awareness among the general public about how people with deafblindness spend their quarantine days.

Martina and her daughter help each other with their daily commitments. They also have a great time together and keep in touch with their friends.

Me and my daughter are not bored

Hello! I’m Martina. Me and my daughter, we spend days at home very active and diverse. Every day, I help her with distance education, we are gardening together (we planted flowers and cactus) and going for walks. In addition, I also tidy up the house, cook, and exercise. I baked home-made bread and potica.

I miss hanging out with friends and visiting Association DLAN. I am happy that we can socialize and communicate with the help of a camera and a phone.