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Along with Mrs. Dunja Bohorič, the President of the Association of Tourist Guides of Slovenia and member of the Lions Club Ljubljana, users of the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN had a guided tour of the city of Ljubljana. The occasion was entwined with fascinating historical and cultural events.
We visited the Ursula Church of the Holy Trinity, a significant religious institution in Ljubljana known for its stunning Baroque architecture. We proceeded towards Congress Square, where we were given a presentation by Mrs. Bohorič regarding its history and its significance in the history of Slovenia. Significant political events took place there, particularly during the process of gaining independence. We also strolled over to the University of Ljubljana, where we had the opportunity to speak with prominent scholars who have influenced Slovenian science and education. We then went to the Slovenian Philharmonic’s concert venue. Renowned for its exceptional musical heritage and world-class concerts, the latter is one of Slovenia’s most significant musical establishments. The Deafblind Association of Slovenia’s DLAN users could get up close to the organ and utilise touch or vibration to hear the music. After the trip, there was a stroll through Zvezda Park to reach Congress Square’s well-known Anchor Monument. The tour concluded with a visit to the Zvezda Café and Patisserie, where we were treated to a hot bevar by the Lions Club of Ljubljana.
Such experiences are extremely important for people with deafblindness, as they allow them to interact directly with their surroundings and experience cultural riches through their other senses. By accompanying them and describing the sights in a language they can understand, they can share the rich experience with fellow participants and take an active part in cultural life. These experiences contribute to their social integration, strengthen their self-confidence and sense of belonging to the community.
Many thanks to Mrs Dunja Bohorič for the support and assistance she has provided to DLAN users over the years. We would also like to thank the staff of the Holy Trinity Ursuline Church for giving us the opportunity to visit the church. We would also like to thank the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra for an unforgettable experience of music and the Lions Club of Ljubljana for the banquet.
Ljubljana, 21. 2. 2024