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The full day excursion to Bela krajina was fully funded and organized by the Lions Club Ljubljana for the  members of The Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN. In the early morning we drove to Novo mesto, where we were joined by members from Dolenjska accompanied by personal assistants and relatives. The trail led us to the village of Rosalnice, where we took a look at a pilgrimage complex known for its three Gothic churches, squeezed inside the high cemetery walls. Friendly locksmith revealed to us many attractions about this pilgrimage site. At the renowned House of Good Bread in Metlika we were greeted by the deputy mayor , Mrs. Martina Legan Janžekovič, who welcomed us. At the same time, she was very opened to the presentation of the field of the deafblindness. Mrs. Mojca, the owner of the House of Good Bread, prepared an excellent feast for us with a demonstration of the preparation of a true Bela krajina cake. We also visited the Metlika Castle. Expert management introduced us to the characteristics of the place in the past and today. In Črnomelj, a very interesting place among the three rivers we were kindly received by the mayor, Mr. Andrej Kavšek. A representative of the Tourist Information Center supplemented his presentation with a comprehensive explanation. We also visited the Miter Temple in Rožanac. We headed to Dolenjske Toplice, where a delicious late lunch waited us at the excellent Oštarija Herbelier restaurant. We walked around the park near Dolenjske Toplice and then returned to Ljubljana in the evening. We had a wonderful day. This is another heartbreaking story that touched many people. Meetings with wonderful people have given us new ideas on how to bring the deafblind world closer to people who do not know the problem or the field of deafblindness.

Without the support of the Lions Club Ljubljana and the kind lady Dunja Olga Bohorič, who provided many surprises along the way, this story would not have happened.

Thank you.