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On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, people with deafblindness accompanied by personal assistants, volunteers and employees of the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN, took part in a full day excursion to Dolenjska and Zasavje.

We first stopped in a parish church of St. Nikolaja in the old part of town Litija. With the touch we could admire the magnificent mosaic created by the renowned artist vicar Marko Rupnik. Then we visited the castle Bogenšperk and its beautiful surroundings. This is also a home to Russian-Slovenian Centre of Davorin Hostnik, which was established with the aim of straightening cultural and scientific contacts between the Slovenian and Russian nations. On this occasion people with deafblindness give their book Stories of People Who Listen with Their Heart and See with Their Palms: Living with Deafblindness in Russian to their library. Our last stop was the Stična Cistercian monastery, where the famous Stična manuscript was written in the 15th century.

We truly thank the members of the Lions Club Ljubljana, who financially enabled the excursion. We especially thank their representative, Mrs. Dunja Olga Bohorič, who organized the event, accompanied us and made sure that we got to know another beautiful part of Slovenia.