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On Monday, April 24, the members of the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN, accompanied by personal assistants, employees and volunteers, went on a day trip around Primorska and Trieste with surrounding area. It was organized and financed by the Lions klub Ljubljana.

Our first stop was at Miramar Castle, built by Maximilian I of Mexico, the first emperor of Mexico. Inside the Miramar mansion, we walked through luxuriously furnished themed rooms, private rooms, and halls. Outside, we walked along wonderful paths surrounded by rich botanical plants and trees, cared for and planted in beautiful settings. Despite the heavy rain, we felt the luxury and beauty of the place.

We continued our journey on the Italian side to the village of Križ (Santa Croce). There we visited the unique Fishing Museum, where we learned about the Slovenian history of seafaring and fishing. With the interest to the presentation of Mr. Frank Košuta, who argued the existence of our centuries-old Slovenian history in the field of fishing and the life of Slovenians in this area with written evidence and a miniature display of wooden boats called “čupe”.

Despite the bad weather, we returned to Ljubljana happy and satisfied, full of new knowledge and experiences.

We sincerely thank Ms. Dunja Olga Bohorič from Lions klub Ljublnana, who took care of the excellent organization, for the professional instructional guidance, and for the pleasant atmosphere on the trip, and we thank everyone who co-created this day with us.