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Lions club Ljubljana-Forum donated a HumanWare explore 8 electronic magnifier and a HumanWare Brailliant BI 40X Braille display to The  Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN.

Both devices will be of great help to people with deafblindness in their training and communication in everyday life. We will be happy to train all those who do not yet know how to use the mentioned technical aids, which will surely be of great help in their everyday life.

The Association DLAN develops the language of the deafblind and offers people with deafblindness help and support in communication and learning new ways of communication. Both technical devices will undoubtedly contribute a lot to the improvement of receiving information, training and the adoption of new ways of communication.

The Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN, on behalf of all people with deafblindness and its employees, sincerely thanks the Lions Club Ljubljana-Forum for its generous help and support to people with deafblindness, and we wish you much success in your work.