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The DLAN Deafblind Association of Slovenia dedicated a full-day event to reflecting on the importance of language for deafblind people. Slovenia was the first country in the world to include the language of the deafblind in the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, thus becoming an example for many other countries. It is therefore imperative that the rights of people with deafblindness are regulated in accordance with the Constitution.

We talked to people with deafblindness about the complexity of communicating with deafblind people, the importance of understanding and respect, and the full inclusion of people with deafblindness in society. We also focused on the experience of the world of people with deafblindness who receive information exclusively through touch. In the second part, we also focused on strategies to raise awareness among the general public on the issue of understanding deafblindness, and in particular the language of deafblind people.

Ljubljana, 15. 2. 2024