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At the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN, we recognize the pivotal role of physical activity in enhancing the well-being of individuals with deafblindness. Tandem cycling presents a unique avenue for engaging in physical exercise, fostering social connections, and promoting inclusivity. By providing access to tandem bikes, we strive to empower them to enhance their physical mobility, fortify their muscles, and promote overall health. This yields physical benefits and cultivates a positive self-perception, self-assurance, and independence. Moreover, we encourage active cooperation and networking among the users of our association, as we believe that group activities strengthen mutual understanding and help develop a sense of belonging and solidarity.

Our efforts to encourage the physical activity of people with deafblindness are not only beneficial for their health but also for the wider society. In this way, it also raises awareness among the wider community and promotes understanding of the challenges faced by people with deafblindness. Together, we are building a more understanding and inclusive society, where people with deafblindness also have the same opportunities for an active and full life, while at the same time enabling them to be fully and equally included in society.