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In the Deafblind Association of the Slovenia DLAN, we focus on comprehensive support for individuals with simultaneous hearing and vision impairment. Among the many activities we carry out, a cooking workshop is particularly important, which encourages their development and independence. Individuals with deafblindness are able to prepare meals independently, but this skill is usually limited to areas they are very familiar with, e.g. their home. Cooking workshops are a valuable opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of cooking. How do the workshops touch their lives? They are important for social interaction, food awareness, sensory experience, and learning new things. Due to the latter, their independence also increases. They learn to prepare meals in different environments, which gives them greater independence in everyday tasks. Despite hearing and vision loss, people with deafblindness can still enjoy the sensory experience of cooking, including the smells, tastes, and textures of food, which adds quality to their lives. With these approaches, cooking workshops can become an extremely useful and enriching process for people with deafblindness, contributing to their holistic growth and inclusion in society.