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On the day of the victory, the highest honours of Ljubljana were awarded at the ceremonial meeting of the City Council of the City of Ljubljana; Plaques and Awards, as well as Honorary Citizen titles.

Sincere congratulations to honorary citizens Elza Budau and prof. dr. Stanek Kristl.

The Awards of the City of Ljubljana for 2023 were presented to Boris Kosec, Pionirski dom – Center for Youth Culture, creative group of architects Majda Kregar, Miha Kerin, Edo Ravnikar Jr., the Association of Paraplegics of the Ljubljana Region and the Ljubljana Pharmacy.

The Plaques of the City of Ljubljana for 2023 were awarded to the Chamber Choir Megaron, Dr. Simona Gerenčer, Ph.D. Slavka Kavčič, Tourist Association Zadvor, Andraž Arko and the team of the film Plečnik’s Hidden Gem (Plečnikov skriti biser), the music group Siddharta and Danilo Lukner.

Our secretary of the DLAN Association, dr. Simona Gerenčer, was happy with the awarded plaque. She considers the fact that she received recognition from the City of Ljubljana an extraordinary honour.

She sincerely thanks the city councilors, the proposer, Mayor Zoran Janković, deputy mayors and everyone who contributed in any way to yesterday’s wonderful event.

The recognition awarded by the City of Ljubljana is an extraordinary achievement, for which we also sincerely congratulate her. The plaque also means support for the deaf-blind community and the DLAN Association. The municipality of Ljubljana has been supporting The deafblind association of Slovenia DLAN and its community since its foundation, which is why we are creating successful stories of people who listen with their hearts and see with their hands – the people with deafblindness. Thank you very much!