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“You cannot develop character in comfort and silence. Only through trials and suffering we can strengthen our soul, clear our vision, make our ambitions come true and reach success.” (Helen Keller)

June is a month, when people with deafblindness, their families and supporters all over the world remember Helen Keller, a well-known American deafblind writer, activist and lecturer. At the Deafblind Association Slovenia DLAN, we especially dedicate this month to variety of activities intended to people with deafblindness, and organise courses for expert workers and everybody else interested in getting knowledge in the field of the deafblindness.

Helen Heller is the first person with deafblindness who obtained PhD. She was born healthy, but she became deafblind because of illness. But her state never stood in her way of becoming known worldwide. She travelled a lot and spoke sharp-tongued about her beliefs. She actively fought for human rights, women rights, rights of poor people and people with disabilities.

Helen Keller week is an international week dedicated to people with deafblindness. It is intended to educate people about deafblindness, extending support to people, who listen with heart and look with palms – to people with deafblindness. With a wish for people to speak up about deafblindness, to meet with the field of deafblindness and its heterogeneity, and to get familiar with challenges, people with deafblindness deal with on everyday basis.

Directly in Helen Keller week, this year from 27th of June and 3rd of July 2022, we will celebrate international week of people with deaf-blindness at DLAN Association, by giving people with deafblindness a chance, to present their art projects, cultural contributions, and other skills, on Tuesday, 28th of June.

Numerous activities, provided by members, employee and volunteers of Deafblind Association Slovenia DLAN, for this occasion and throughout the year, are really a proof, that people with deafblindness in Slovenia can be successful in many aspects, if only they get proper help by experts and support from surroundings.

That is why we wish for Act on regulating the status and rights of persons with deafblindness, which will comprehensively regulate the field of deafblindness and the rights of people with deafblindness, to pass.

We wish all people with deafblindness, their families, friends and acquaintances a wonderful international week of people with deafblindness.