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On 2st and 22nd of June 2022, the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN hosted experts in the field of deafblindness from the Specialist Consultancy for the Deafblind in Denmark (North Denmark Region), as part of Erasmus+ project titled “Cross-cultural Project on Deafblindness”.

The project, with goal of exchanging knowledge, practice and approaches, started with the visit of the Danish experts in the field of deafblindness. On Wednesday, 22nd of June 2022, we together prepared an international online training “Deafblindness Among Us”, with the aim to raise awareness, and to gain and strengthen competencies for working with people with deafblindness. We established how many similarities connect us in our aspirations and care for wellbeing of the deafblind community. The training, which was interpreted simultaneously in English and Slovene, was being held online using Zoom. The participants came from different parts of Slovenia and from other countries, like Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Croatia and Greece. Experts from the Deafblind Association of Slovenia DLAN have participated in person in the premises of the DLAN Association. Representatives of both Slovene and Danish organisations have presented their views and experience of working with people with deafblindness and its specifics, and pointed out the importance of identification of people with deafblindness. Besides organising this international event, we have also exchanged examples of good practices and carefully planned our next steps in the project for this year. Beside focusing on providing translations of Danish booklets about deafblindness into English and Slovenian, we will participate together on a conference of Nordic Welfare Centre: “Today’s Knowledge for Tomorrow’s Actions – a Nordic Perspective on Deafblindness”, which will be happening from 19 th to 22 nd of September 2022 in Finland. We sincerely thank all of the participants in the project for their contribution to education for even better quality work with people with deafblindness in the future. We are most thankful, that we can together co-create so important projects and learn from each other.