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Dear members and appreciated participants,


the period we are currently in is different from what we were used to so far. With certainty, this period is an opportunity for us to look at ourselves, to set goals again (small and big steps), to do everything for which there has not been enough time so far…

We would like to share with you some of the glimpses, thoughts, anecdotes that some of our members have provided to us from their home environment in these particular circumstances. This is to encourage members of the association and to raise awareness among the general public about how people with deafblindness spend their quarantine days.


Matevž is very fond of cooking,which he also likes to do during this time. He cooks through pictorial recipes that allow him to understand the instructions. He enjoys this, as well as hand-crafting in his own workshop, which is always tidy and where he produces wonderful, unique products on a daily basis.

Mrs. Olga is also very fond of making handmade paper products these days, as in everyday life. Extremely beautiful, unique products are always emerging from her hands, which we admire enthusiastically. She likes to cook, too. In the meantime, she says, it is also very important for her to get as much new information as possible.

When Boštjan is not in personal contact with his personal assistant, modern technology enables him to communicate remotely via computer.

During this time, Mrs. Darinka also took the time to make protective masks, in addition to all other domestic work. With a lot of manual skills and ingenuity, she makes masks that she can use to protect herself.

In these difficult times, people with deafblindness also face many obstacles in their daily lives because of the prescribed safety distance and the use of a protective mask, as it is essential for communication and basic functioning of the person with deafblindness in the environment, and for many to look at the lips of the interlocutor. A person with deafblindness alone, unaccompanied by another person, hand in hand, is unable to enter the store or do other emergency work. However, the mask over the mouth is an obstacle for the personwho communicates with the lip reading, which prevents him from basic communication. Those who communicate with tactile way of communication cannot avoid the direct touch of the assistant. Those who have residual vision and communicate with lip-reading can not do it through protective masks.  Visiting the store and arranging other emergency tasks for people with deafblindness are not possible unaccompanied. It is very important that in these difficult times, people with deafblindness are not further stigmatized and marginalized.

We wish you all the best, but most of all, to stay healthy.